This tutorial focuses on explaining the most important aspects of the search loop in modern SAT solvers. It is an online BBC talk, i.e., black board and code, switching between a virtual black board to explain details and reviewing and using code in an interleaved manner. The code part features the new SAT Satch developed from scratch for this particular occasion. It is now available at  https://github.com/arminbiere/satch. We start with an introduction on encoding problems into conjunctive normal form, the input format of SAT solvers, and then delve into search based complete algorithms for SAT solving, from DPLL to CDCL and all its modern concepts, including the implication graph, decision heuristics (VSIDS and VMTF), restarts, as well as clause data base reduction, and then end with a closer look at clause and watching data structures and how they are updated during boolean constraint propagation.

Video Recording