Spring 2020

Practical Lattice-based Cryptography in PALISADE

Friday, May 1st, 2020, 8:30 am9:30 am

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Several lattice-based cryptography primitives and protocols are now practical and even available in commercial products, for example, public-key cryptography, homomorphic encryption, proxy re-encryption (PRE), and digital signatures. Many of these primitives based on the Learning With Errors problem are implemented in the PALISADE lattice cryptography library. This talk presents a survey of state-of-the-art lattice algorithms implemented in PALISADE (both for already practical primitives and research prototypes of more advanced capabilities) and discusses some of their applications. The first part of the talk focuses on FHE schemes and their extensions, such as PRE and threshold FHE. The remaining part is centered around lattice trapdoors and the protocols where lattice trapdoors are used as a primitive, including identity-based encryption, key-policy attribute-based encryption, and program obfuscation.