Spring 2015

Lucky Talk: Upper Bound on List-decoding Radius of Binary Codes

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 1:30 pm2:00 pm

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Consider the problem of packing Hamming balls of a given relative radius subject to the constraint that they cover any point of the ambient Hamming space with multiplicity at most $L$. For odd $L\ge 3$ an asymptotic upper bound on the rate of any such packing is proven. Resulting bound improves the best known bound (due to Blinovsky'1986) for rates below a certain threshold. Method is a superposition of the linear-programming idea of Ashikhmin, Barg and Litsyn (that was used previously to improve the estimates of Blinovsky for $L=2$) and a Ramsey-theoretic technique of Blinovsky. As an application it is shown that for all odd $L$ the slope of the rate-radius tradeoff is zero at zero rate.