Summer 2022

Interactome Networks in Genetic and Infectious Diseases

Thursday, Jul. 7, 2022 9:30 am10:00 am PDT

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Pascal Falter-Braun (Institute of Network Biology - Helmholtz Zentrum Munich)


Calvin Lab Auditorium

For understanding how the microbiome and viral infections contribute to non-communicable human diseases, it is important to understand the network perturbations effected by these microbial agents. At the Institute of Network Biology (INET) we aim to understand the principles of protein interaction network function, define patterns of network perturbation by disease genetics and how microbial and viral perturbations interact with host genetics to cause modulate genetic disease risk. We use an integrated approach consisting of high-throughput network mapping, bioinformatic and deep-learning analyses, and targeted validation of specific hypotheses. I will present unpublished data on systematic interactome maps of coronaviral and microbiome encoded proteins in the human host network, their relation to human genetics, and extensive functional validation data.