Summer 2019

Afternoon Session #1: Science, Pseudo-science, Canon and Belief

Wednesday, Jun. 5, 2019 1:00 pm2:20 pm

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Evelynn Hammonds (Harvard University), Jonathan Kahn (Mitchell Hamline School of Law), Harriet Washington (Columbia University), James Zou (Stanford University)

From Louis Agassiz to Nicholas Wade, from polygenism to the culture wars, we live in a world both segregated and bewildered by problems of proof. Whose truth reigns in a competitive universe that pits a.) reproducibility of results against b.) procedural rules prohibiting double jeopardy against c.) data privacy against d.) normativity and “common sense” against e.) sanctified canons, ritual practices, non-measurable belief systems, and the blinding complexities of what we mean by prejudice.