Spring 2019

Data Privacy: From Foundations to Applications

Mar. 4Mar. 8, 2019

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Marco Gaboardi (SUNY Buffalo; chair), Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke University), Kobbi Nissim (Georgetown University), Natalie Shlomo (University of Manchester)

This workshop will bring together scholars from several areas to discuss and advance the state of the art and help bridge the communication barriers between the many disciplines from which expertise is necessary for practical progress. Specifically, the workshop will address the needs of government agencies, the challenges of industry implementations, the tools (programming languages, query systems, evaluation platforms and so on) that ease (and drive) the design of working, scalable systems, legal and policy constraints, ethical issues associated with privacy, and potential standards and best practices for release of statistical information.

Registration is required to attend this workshop. To submit your name for consideration, please register and await confirmation of your acceptance to the workshop before booking your travel. Space may be limited, and you are advised to register early.

Invited Participants: 

John Abowd (U.S. Census Bureau; Cornell University), Aws Albarghouthi (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Micah Altman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Anil Ananthaswamy (UC Berkeley), Borja Balle (Amazon), Joshua Baron (DARPA), Christopher Clifton (Purdue University), Aloni Cohen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Peter-Paul de Wolf (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek), Jörg Drechsler (Institute for Employment Research), Úlfar Erlingsson (Google Brain), Mark Flood (US Department of the Treasury), John Friedman (Brown University), Marco Gaboardi (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Simson Garfinkel (US Census Bureau), Michael Hay (Colgate University), Xi He (University of Waterloo), James Honaker (Harvard University), Somesh Jha (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Dan Kifer (Pennsylvania State University), Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke University), Sharad Mehrotra (UC Irvine), Gerome Miklau (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Paul Ohm (Georgetown University), Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania), Gillian Raab (University of Edinburgh), Jerry Reiter (Duke University), Ryan Rogers (Apple), Alejandro Russo (Chalmers University of Technology), Dave Sands (Chalmers University of Technology), Ian Schmutte (University of Georgia), Natalie Shlomo (University of Manchester), Dawn Song (UC Berkeley), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Research), Christine Task (Knexus Research Corp.), Salil Vadhan (Harvard University), Mayank Varia (Boston University), Felix Wu (Cardozo School of Law), Li Xiong (Emory University), Danfeng Zhang (Pennsylvania State University)