Yehia Abd Alrahman

Postdoctoral Researcher, Gothenburg University

Abd Alrahman is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering, affiliated under Göteborgs Universitet. He is working on an ERC consolidator grant, named D-SynMA (led by Prof. Nir Piterman), investigating distributed reactive synthesis for Multi-agent Systems.
Abd Alrahman's main research interests revolve around Concurrency theory, Verification and Formal Methods. Among his interests there is one thread which has preoccupied him for 6 years so far. This thread is the semantic basis of collective-adaptive computations. Thus, his focus is on developing mathematical formalisms to describe systems that interact flexibly through various modes of communication and to reason about their interactions.

Program Visits

Theoretical Foundations of Computer Systems, Spring 2021, Visiting Graduate Student