Xiaodi Wu

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Xiaodi Wu completed his PhD in the summer of 2013, in the computer science and engineering department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, supervised by Yaoyun Shi. Wu obtained his BS degree in mathematics and physics from the Academic Talent Program of the School of Science, Tsinghua University in 2008. In the summer of 2009 and 2010, Wu visited the Institute for Quantum Computing, at the University of Waterloo, as a research assistant in John Watrous's group. Since Fall 2013, Wu has been a postdoc at MIT working with Aram Harrow, Scott Aaronson, Edward Farhi, and Peter Shor.  Wu's interests lie in quantum information and computation, quantum cryptography, communication complexity, and mathematical programming.


Program Visits

The Quantum Wave in Computing, Spring 2020, Visiting Scientist
Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity, Spring 2014, Research Fellow