Steven Evans

Professor, UC Berkeley

Steven Evans is a probabilist and statistician working in the general area of stochastic processes and their applications. He received his BSc (Hons I & university medal) in Statistics from the University of Sydney in 1983 and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1987. Evans has been on the Berkeley faculty since 1987, with 1987-1989 spent as a post-doc at the University of Virginia. Evans has positions in the Departments of Statistics and Mathematics.

His research interests in recent years include: Random matrices and other aspects of probability on algebraic structures, Lévy processes, random combinatorial structures, measure-valued stochastic processes that arise in population biology, coalescent models from biology and chemistry, phylogenetics, including invariants, biodemography and the evolutionary basis of senescence and mortality, inference of selection and admixture in population genetics, and applications of computational phylogenetic methods in historical linguistics, analysis of metagenomic data, stochastic models of population growth in spatially heterogeneous environments, and use of computational algebra in constructing models of transcriptional regulation. 

Program Visits