Sourabh Pradeep Palande

Graduate Student, University of Utah

Sourabh Pradeep Palande is a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Computing at the School of Computing, University of Utah. He is also a graduate research assistant at the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute. Before going to Utah, Sourabh earned his MSc in Applied Mathematics from the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK in 2014. Sourabh's current research interests include topological and geometric data analysis, probabilistic modeling and machine learning. He works on problems related to: (A) modeling data as networks or simplicial complexes (objects that capture relationships between data points), (B) extracting geometric and topological properties from these objects, and (C) learning from these properties using statistical analysis and machine learning techniques. He works on theoretical as well as applied aspects of these problems.

Program Visits

Foundations of Data Science, Fall 2018, Visiting Graduate Student