Rufin VanRullen

CNRS Researcher & Principal Investigator, CNRS, Toulouse

Following initial training in Maths and Computer Science, Rufin VanRullen obtained a PhD in Cognitive Science from Toulouse (France) under the supervision of Simon Thorpe. After a postdoc with Christof Koch at Caltech, he joined the CerCo (Toulouse, France) in 2001 as a CNRS Research Scientist, and became a CNRS Research Director in 2010. He was a visiting scientist at the Harvard Vision Lab from 2005 to 2007, with Patrick Cavanagh. He has published influential papers on neural coding, object recognition, feed-forward vs. feedback processes, and attention. His recent research explores the perceptual consequences of oscillatory brain activity, making use of visual illusions as well as advanced electrophysiological techniques (EEG single-trial, time-frequency analyses) and computational models. He has convinced a growing number of colleagues that at least some aspects of visual perception operate rhythmically, rather than continuously. He is currently the Chief Editor of Frontiers in Perception Science.

Program Visits

The Brain and Computation, Spring 2018, Visiting Scientist