Rufin VanRullen

CNRS Researcher & Principal Investigator, CNRS, Toulouse

Following initial training in Maths and Computer Science, Rufin VanRullen obtained a PhD in Cognitive Science from Toulouse (France) under the supervision of Simon Thorpe. After a postdoc with Christof Koch at Caltech, he joined the CerCo (Toulouse, France) in 2001 as a CNRS Research Scientist, and became a CNRS Research Director in 2010. He was a visiting scientist at the Harvard Vision Lab from 2005 to 2007, with Patrick Cavanagh. He has published influential papers on neural coding, object recognition, feed-forward vs. feedback processes, and attention. His recent research explores the perceptual consequences of oscillatory brain activity, making use of visual illusions as well as advanced electrophysiological techniques (EEG single-trial, time-frequency analyses) and computational models. He has convinced a growing number of colleagues that at least some aspects of visual perception operate rhythmically, rather than continuously. He is currently the Chief Editor of Frontiers in Perception Science.

Program Visits