Peter Bürgisser

Professor, Technische Universität Berlin
Peter Bürgisser has been a professor of Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin since 2013. Prior to that, he was a professor of Mathematics at the University of Paderborn. He was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad in 2010 and plenary speaker at Foundations of Computational Mathematics 2008 in Hong Kong. Bürgisser is an associate editor of Computational Complexity, and an editor of the journal Foundations of Computational Mathematics. He served as a workshop co-organizer for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics conferences (2005, 2008, 2011), for the Special Year on Applications of Algebraic Geometry (IMA 2006/2007), and for the Oberwolfach workshops on Complexity Theory (2009, 2012). His research interests are algebraic complexity theory (both the design of efficient algorithms for algebraic problems, and the quest for lower bounds), symbolic and numeric computation, and more recently, the probabilistic analysis of numerical algorithms.

Program Visits

Complexity and Linear Algebra, Fall 2025, Visiting Scientist and Program Organizer
Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity, Fall 2018, Visiting Scientist
Counting Complexity and Phase Transitions, Spring 2016, Visiting Scientist