Nimrod Megiddo

Research Scientist, IBM Almaden Research Center

Nimrod Megiddo is a Distinguished Research Staff Member in IBM Research. Previously he was a Professor at Tel Aviv University, and also taught at Stanford University, Kellogg School and Management and Tepper School of Business. His Ph.D. degree in mathematics is from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Megiddo's research has been in game theory, machine learning, optimization theory, design and analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity theory. His research accomplishments were recognized by the John von Neumann Theory Prize and the Frederick W. Lanchester Prize, as well awards from the INFORMS Computing Society, USENIX and the Operations Research Society of Israel. Megiddo served as the editor-in-chief of Mathematics of Operations Research and area editor for J.ACM, as well as several other journals of computer science and operations research, and is currently the editor-on-chief of Discrete Optimization. He was granted more than 70 patents, some of which were sold by IBM to Ebay, Facebook, Google, Intel, SAP and Twitter.

Program Visits

Online and Matching-Based Market Design, Fall 2019, Visiting Scientist