Lisa Zhang

Bell Labs

I was born and brought up in Shanghai, China. I spent eight years of my childhood in Jing'an District Primary School and Kindergarten, and six years of my adolescence in Yucai High School. I arrived in America in the summer of 1989 and spent the next eight years in the Boston area, first studying at Wellesley College then at MIT. In 1997, after my Ph.D, I landed a research position at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ, and it remains the only job I have had. At the time Bell Labs was the research arm of Lucent Technologies. It was spun off from AT&T in 1996 and merged with Alcatel in 2006. My research broadly concerns algorithmic and complexity issues of networking, which includes network planning and optimization, routing and scheduling protocols, and stability and Quality-of-Service analysis. My work is interdisciplinary, covering topics in theoretical computer science, applied mathematics, operations research and electrical engineering. At the moment I am serving on the program committees of PODC '08SODA '09, STOC '09 and INFOCOM '09. More details of my work can be found in my curriculum vitae