Johan Håstad

Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Johan Håstad received his BS in Mathematics from Stockholm University in 1981, his MS in Mathematics from Uppsala University in 1984, and his PhD in Mathematics from MIT in 1986. He became an associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1988, and a full professor in 1992. He has been a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences since 2001 and a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society since 2012. Among his honors are the Gödel Prize in both 1994 and 2011, and the ACM Dissertation Award in 1986. His research interests lie in the theory of computation, in particular, complexity theory, lower bounds, cryptography and pseudorandomness, randomized algorithms and approximation algorithms.

Program Visits

Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity, Fall 2018, Visiting Scientist
Fine-Grained Complexity and Algorithm Design, Fall 2015, Visiting Scientist
Real Analysis in Computer Science, Fall 2013, Visiting Scientist