Joe Fitzsimons

Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Quantum Computing

Joe Fitzsimons is the founder and CEO of Horizon Quantum Computing, a company advancing the widespread adoption of quantum computing by building software tools that enable all programmers to take advantage of quantum technology.

Before founding Horizon Quantum Computing in 2018, Joe held a tenured position as an associate professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where he led the Quantum Information and Theory group. He was also a principal investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, contributing to both theoretical computer science and physics through his research.

Earlier in his career, Joe spent time as a fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and a senior research fellow in the Materials Department at the University of Oxford. During this time, he co-invented the universal blind quantum computing which has since become recognised as an important enabling technology for securing cloud-based quantum computing.

Joe holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where his research focused on quantum computing architectures, and a bachelor of science degree in theoretical physics from University College Dublin.


Program Visits

Extended Reunion: The Quantum Wave in Computing, Summer 2022, Visiting Scientist
Summer Cluster: Challenges in Quantum Computation, Summer 2018, Visiting Scientist
Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity, Spring 2014, Visiting Scientist