Georg Fuchsbauer

Professor, INRIA

Georg Fuchsbauer is "chargé de recherche" (Assoc. Prof.) at Inria, France, working in the crypto team of Ecole normale supérieure in Paris. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from Universität Linz, Austria, and a PhD in computer science from Université Paris 7. After post-doc positions at the University of Bristol, UK, and IST Austria, he returned to France in 2016.
Georg has been doing research in cryptography and provable security for over ten years, working on the protection of user privacy in areas such as anonymous credentials and electronic currencies. He introduced "structure-preserving" cryptography and subversion-resistant non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs. He is the PI of a national project on transferable e-cash and of a Microsoft Research-Inria collaboration on cryptography for the blockchain.

Program Visits