Eli Gafni

Professor, UCLA

B.Sc Technion Israel 1972, M.Sc UIUC 1979, Ph.D MIT 1982 all in Electrical Engineering. Participated in the Israeli equivalent of the ROTC and served as Technical Officer 1972-1977.
In 1982 joined as an Assistant Prof at UCLA with the intent of Networking Research but very fast abstracted problems to become an irrelevant Theoretical Distributed Computing researcher. Nevertheless got the Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1984, missed on the Godel Award for ``no Journal'' in 2003 on the discovery of the connection between topology and distributed computing, and got a consolation Dijkstra Award in distributed computing in 2017 for the Borowsky-Gafni simulation.

Program Visits

Proofs, Consensus, and Decentralizing Society, Fall 2019, Visiting Scientist