Elena Grigorescu

Elena Grigorescu

Associate Professor, Purdue University

Elena Grigorescu is an associate professor in the Computer Science department at Purdue University, which she joined in 2012. Before that, she graduated from MIT in 2010, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech 2010-2012.

Her research interests lie broadly in theoretical computer science,
with a particular emphasis on sublinear algorithms, complexity theory, coding theory and learning theory. Her recent work has focused on designing algorithms that only use sublinear time or sublinear space, in computational models relevant to large data sets; on understanding the complexity of fundamental problems on error-correcting codes and
point lattices, with applications to communications, cryptography and
optimizations; and on understanding information-theoretical limits in
diverse computational models.

Program Visits

Sublinear Algorithms, Summer 2024, Visiting Scientist
Error-Correcting Codes: Theory and Practice, Spring 2024, Visiting Scientist
Sublinear algorithms, coding theory, learning theory.