Daniel Bernstein

Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago and Ruhr University Bochum

Daniel J. Bernstein is the designer of the "tinydns" software used by Facebook to publish server addresses, the "ChaCha20" cipher used to encrypt Chrome's HTTPS connections to Google, the "dnscache" software used by OpenDNS to handle address requests from 90 million Internet users, the "SipHash" hash function (co-designed with Jean-Philippe Aumasson) used by Python to protect against hash-flooding attacks, the "qmail" software used by Yahoo to receive mail, and the "Curve25519" public-key system used by WhatsApp for end-to-end encryption. Bernstein's current mission is to cryptographically protect every Internet packet.

Program Visits

Extended Reunion: The Quantum Wave in Computing, Summer 2022, Visiting Scientist
The Quantum Wave in Computing, Spring 2020, Visiting Scientist