Alex Bellos

The Guardian

Alex is a British popular science writer whose books have sold more than a million copies and been translated into more than 20 languages. For three decades he has been associated with the Guardian, first as a reporter on its national desk, then as correspondent in South America, based in Brazil, and since 2015 as its puzzle columnist. Alex’s first science book was the multi-award winning Alex’s Adventures in Numberland (called Here’s Looking at Euclid in the US) in 2010. He has also written books of math puzzles, linguistics puzzles and collaborated with the mathematical artist Edmund Harris on two math colouring books. He is one of the main presenters of Numberphile, the YouTube channel, and has presented science documentaries for BBC Radio. His first book, Futebol, about Brazil seen through the lens of soccer, led to a gig as Pelé’s ghostwriter. Alex also writes the children’s book series Football School (Soccer School in the US), which uses soccer to explain science and the humanities. He graduated from Oxford with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy.