Aditya Grover

Research Scientist, Facebook AI Research

Aditya Grover is a research scientist at Facebook AI Research, a visiting postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, and an incoming assistant professor of computer science at UCLA, starting Fall 2021. His research focuses on probabilistic modeling for representation learning and reasoning in high dimensions, and is grounded in applications in science and sustainability, such as weather forecasting and electric batteries.

Aditya’s research has been published in top machine learning and scientific venues including Nature, covered by various media outlets, included in widely-used open source software, and deployed into production at major technology companies. He has won several awards, including a best paper award (StarAI), a best undergraduate thesis award, a Stanford Centennial Teaching Award, a Stanford Data Science Scholarship, a Lieberman Fellowship, and a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. Aditya received his PhD and master's from Stanford University in 2020, and bachelors from IIT Delhi in 2015 in computer science.

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