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The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing is the world's leading center for collaborative research in theoretical computer science and related fields. The Institute is housed in Calvin Lab, a dedicated building on the UC Berkeley campus, and provides a vibrant and welcoming environment for visiting researchers. In each academic semester, the activities of the Institute are largely focused on specific research programs, each of which attracts around sixty long-term participants ranging from senior scientists to graduate students.

The Institute invites applications for long-term visitors for the Spring 2022 semester research programs on Causality and Learning and Games

To qualify to participate, applicants must be active researchers in the field and must be beyond their postdoctoral years. While the majority of the long-term visitors who participate in a program are selected through recommendations from the program organizers, the Institute invites additional qualified long-term participants to be selected through this application process. A long-term visit to the Institute consists of a visit longer than 30 days, with the Institute preferring full-semester visits.

The Institute particularly encourages applications from women and members of underrepresented minority groups.

Application Instructions

Each applicant should prepare the following documents in a single PDF file:

●      Cover letter describing your interest in the research program and specifying your proposed visit dates (full semester or shorter period)

●      Curriculum vitae, including a full list of publications

Applications will be accepted and considered until April 30, 2021. To apply, please submit your application via the form linked below.

For questions, please contact our Visitor Services Team via email at simonsvisitorservices [at] berkeley.edu.

Long-Term Visitor Application 

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