The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing offers numerous ways for scientists to participate in the life of the Institute.

Propose a Program: Proposals for programs are solicited from the worldwide theoretical CS community and may be submitted at any time; proposals are reviewed twice a year. To propose a program, see our current Call for Proposals or contact Associate Director Peter Bartlett.
Join a Program: Researchers who would like to join one of our scheduled programs should contact the program organizers as early as possible at the email address provided on the relevant program page. Alternatively, researchers may apply to become long-term visitors. Junior researchers may also apply to become a Research Fellow at the Simons Institute.
Attend a Workshop: You may register to participate in one of our free-standing workshops or in a workshop attached to a particular program. A list of upcoming workshops may be found here. Self-registration for workshops generally becomes available approximately ten weeks in advance on the workshop's web page, which also contains a contact email address for the workshop organizers.
Attend a Conference: The Institute periodically hosts major events, such as the IEEE Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS).
Attend Lectures and Seminars: The Institute hosts numerous lectures and seminars, including Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lectures intended for a broad scientific audience and specialist seminars associated with particular programs. These activities are open to the public. See our calendar for a list of all upcoming events at the Institute. You may sign up to receive email announcements for events associated with a current program on that program's web page.